We don’t just do our part to build some of the biggest and most important buildings and structures in North America, we build communities.

Many of the issues we face require a strong, active membership that is specifically educated on the workforce development and training that the IUPAT provides, the campaigns we launch and the struggles we endure, and the shared successes we achieve.

That’s why we’re asking our members to take the #MyIUPATPledge

Click below to access information on how YOU can take the pledge!

We Are Union

32nd IUPAT General Convention is coming up August 12-16. Please reshare your #MyIUPATPledge during convention week with the Hashtags #MyIUPATPledge and #WeAreUnion

Record your video using the script below and add the #MyIUPATPledge filter to that and your profile picture. Upload the video to Facebook using the hashtag #MyIUPATPledge.

Hi my name is:

I’m from local #:

DC #:


This is my pledge:

(pick from list)

  • I pledge to set the bench mark for training.
  • I pledge to be an ambassador for our union.
  • I pledge to attend at least one meeting in each local within my district council.
  • I pledge to be a mentor to our members.
  • I pledge to attend more union meetings.
  • I pledge to be a voice for our union to our communities.
  • I pledge to volunteer more.
  • I pledge to set the example for all other apprentices.
  • I pledge to strive to graduate the apprenticeship program with honors.
  • I pledge to provide detailed and accurate information to our members.

All you have to do is pick your pledge and upload to Facebook with the hashtag 


Click the icons below to access the #MyIUPATPledge profile and camera filter on Facebook:

Or go to your profile on the Facebook app and tap “Edit” on your profile picture. Then tap “Add Frame” and search.

Profile Filter

Camera Filter

For examples of what to post, click here: